Huawei Switch S5720-52X-PWR-SI

Alta capacidad de procesamiento de servicios y múltiples mecanismos de controles de seguridad

• EL switch S5720-SI soporta múltiples protocolos multicast en capas Layer 2/Layer 3 cómo PIM SM, PIM DM, PIM SSM, MLD, and IGMP snooping, que permite dar soporte multi-terminal high-definition para video de vigilancia y video para servicios de videoconferencia.
• The S5720-SI supports multiple Layer 3 features including OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, and VRRP, meeting enterprises' requirements on access and aggregation service bearing, and enabling a variety of voice, video, and data applications.
• The S5720-SI supports MAC address authentication, 802.1x authentication, and P ortal authentication, and implements dynamic delivery of policies (VL AN, QoS, and ACL) to users.
• The S5720-SI provides a series of mechanisms to defend against DoS and user-targeted attacks. DoS attacks are targeted at switches and include SYN flood, Land, Smurf, and ICMP flood attacks. Usertargeted attacks include bogus DHCP server attacks, IP/MA C address spoofing, DHCP request flood, and change of the DHCP CHADDR value.
• The S5720-SI sets up and maintains a DHCP snooping binding table, and discards the packets that do not match the table entries. You can specify DHCP snooping trusted and untrusted ports to ensure that users connect only to the authorized DHCP server.
• The S5720-SI supports strict ARP learning, which protects a network against ARP spoofing attacks to ensure normal network access.

Switch Huawei S5720
Switch Huawei S5720